We work based on an organisational model that is diversified in several business branches and we have a notable market presence in both the food and non-food segments.

Our business activities target both the consumer and professional markets, and are fruit of our commercial partnerships with successful companies and our home branding policy.

In a society increasingly geared towards dynamism and connectivity, having a company structured based on market segments and sectors fosters the comparison and exchange of know-how between the resources, reduces the business risk and creates optimum conditions for accomplishing innovative projects at a level of excellence.


We are active in the industrial segment with processing and packing units in food and non-food sectors. We serve customers in both the professional and end consumer markets.


We manage points of sale and shopping centres in collaboration with large-scale retailers, both in partnership with national and international brands and also under our own brands.

Food Service

We develop one-to-one projects for modern distribution in the food sector destined for the consumer or sales agents, focusing on the fresh produce segments.